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We’ve heard a lot of hawkish rhetoric from our Nobel Peace Prize-winner president lately. “Our coalition is on the offensive, ISIL is on the defensive, and ISIL is going to lose,” Obama declared last week as he asked Congress to chain itself to his half-hearted war effort.
But House Foreign Affairs Committee member Alan Grayson, D-Fla., interviewed on Russian-sponsored TV news last week, showed the true liberal Democrat colors. We can’t defeat the Islamic State, Grayson asserted, except by turning “Iraq and Syria into molten glass.” But then “we would be them,” according to Grayson.
He even quoted House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi’s paraphrasing of philosopher Hannah Arendt last June. “People think that one more act of violence is going to end violence, but it’s like a flywheel,” Pelosi had said.
Pelosi also said then there’s no “appetite in our country for us to become engaged in any more military activity in Iraq.” Remember too that Obama hadn’t unpacked his bags in the White House in 2009 before Pelosi was calling for withdrawal from Afghanistan, Obama’s “war that we have to win.”
Joining the Give Peace a Chance chorus last week was probable presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Vermont independent Democrat, who announced his opposition to Obama’s military force authorization request because billionaires in Qatar and the UAE can fund a war against IS.
Despite doing a Gen. MacArthur impersonation, does anyone really believe Obama, down deep, is less dovish than Pelosi, Grayson or Sanders?