DUBAI, Currencies of 130 countries have been collected so far under the Dubai Municipality's Currency Charity Bank. Seven tonnes of coins have been counted so far, which amount to 127,102 coins, with still much more expected.

The most collected currencies are the Philippines' Pesos (64,800), followed by Pakistani Rupees (24,800). The British Pound currency recorded the highest among European countries (6,300) and the least collected currency is Russian Ruble (only 100). South Africa comes first among the continent's countries, with a collection of 600 currencies, while Kenya comes with the fewest number (100).

Bahrain's currency is the most collected among Arab countries' (5,900), followed by the Sultanate of Oman's, (3,300).

The team in charge of the Currency Charity Bank initiative will be signing a partnership agreement with some charitable societies in the emirate to organise the process of collecting foreign currencies that are available with the public when returning back to the country after visits abroad, or with visitors from many countries who do not want to keep them.

Mariam bin Fahd, Director of Knowledge Management Department and General Supervisor of the initiative, said that the Municipality has completed the draft of the agreement and sent it to all charitable societies in the emirate.

She added that the move stems from Dubai Municipality's keenness to strengthen cooperation with Dubai-based charities to assist the Municipality in collecting foreign currencies (both coins and paper currencies) and ultimately use them in supporting those in need.

Bin Fahd urged all UAE citizens, residents and visitors to provide the bank with their collectible currencies in order to help accomplish the charitable initiative and launch more of such charitable schemes throughout the world.

Source: Emirates News Agency