DUBAI, 20th April, 2016 (WAM) — As part of its philanthropic work locally and abroad, Dar Al Ber Society (DABS), has opened an academy for teaching Quran sciences in Sudan.

The promising scheme, announced during an official visit to Sudan led by Abdulqader Al Rais, Director-General of Dar Al Ber, is part of the ‘Dar Al Ber Complex’ to be built in the Jazeera state, Sudan.

The DABS delegation included Imran Mohammed Abdullah, Head of Charity Projects Sector, Mohammed Suhail Al Muhairi, Head of Social Service and Resources Development Sector, and Abdulkareem Jaafar Al Hassan, Manager of Projects Department.

The delegation was initially invited to the graduation ceremony of the ‘Scientific Jabra College’ which is basically founded and supported by Dar Al Ber Society, according to Abdullah Ali bin Zayed, executive director – DABS.

The commencement saw the presence of Hamad Mohammed Al Junaibi, UAE ambassador to Sudan, along with a number Sudanese senior officials, dignitaries, and college professors and lecturers.

“The college management is doing pretty well and that is clear from the exceptional performance of the graduates, and that will hopefully help convert the college into a leading university.”

The competent graduates actually add more credibility to the college and higher education here in general, he added. “Those graduates will impart the knowledge they have learnt to future generations.”

Meanwhile, the delegation paid a visit to the UAE ambassador’s house where they were briefed on the development of Dar Al Ber ongoing humanitarian and charitable projects in Sudan.

“Such outstanding work would not have been possible without the sincere support of dedicated philanthropists and strategic partners across the UAE,” Bin Zayed said.

The delegation then paid a visit to a number of Dar Al Ber projects assumed by the Ihsan Charity Organisation in Sudan to be enlightened about the development of the projects being done there.

They also visited the ‘Sight’ foundation where they were briefed on the critical surgeries and quality services being rendered to humanitarian cases there, based on verified official documents.