ABU DHABI, The UAE Armed Forces has awarded 28 deals worth AED4,878,756,832 on the third-day of the International Defence Exhibition, IDEX, and the Naval Defence and Maritime Security Exhibition, NAVDEX.

The total value of deals awarded so far to national and international companies has reached AED16.869 billion.

Speaking at a press conference General Mohammed Al Hassani, Official Spokesperson of IDEX 2019, and Naval Staff Colonel Fahad Nasser Saif Al Thehli, Official Spokesperson of NAVDEX 2019, announced that national companies received 20 of the 28 deals, while the remaining were awarded to international companies.

International companies: 1. A contract with the Jordanian centre King Abdullah for the purchase of AED64,652,329 worth of M / D missiles and binoculars for the UAE Armed Forces 2. An AED53,993,100 contract with the American company Environmental Tectonics to purchase and update equipment and training simulators at the UAE Air Force medical centre 3. An AED152,501,123 contract with the American company DigitalGlobe to provide space imaging services for the UAE Armed Forces 4. An AED5,500,244 contract with the American company Camber Corporation to provide advisory services for the UAE Chemical Defence Command 5. An AED60,874,893 contract with the Pakistani company Global Industrial and Defence Solutions to purchase ammunitions 6. An AED57,900,049 contract with the Russian company Joint Stock Company to purchase 100mm ammunitions for the BMP3 tanker for the UAE Army 7. An AED93,740,000 contract with the French company Thales to buy a Captas-type sonar for the UAE Navy 8. An AED25,711,000 contract with the Turkish company FNSS Savunma to supply spare parts and repair services for the M113 armoured personnel carrier Total value of contracts with international companies: AED514,872,738 National companies: 9. A contract with Al Fahad Security Systems split into two tranches � AED4,979,000 for the Presidential Guard and AED1,995,000 for the UAE Armed Forces � to install security systems for the UAE Armed Forces 10. An AED24,000,000 contract with Al Jaber company to provide technical support services and supply spare parts for military vehicles 11. An AED14,870,730 contract with Al-Fattan company for the rental of marine equipment for the Critical Infrastructure and Coastal Protection Authority 12. An AED18,000,000 contract with Al Masaood company for maintenance and repair services, spare parts and tow services 13. An AED30,000,000 contract with Al Rumaithi company for the supply of spare parts, repair, technical consultations and training, as well as equipment for all units of the UAE Armed Forces 14. An AED4,782,191 contract with the company Atlas for the installation and maintenance of security systems for the UAE Armed Forces 15. An AED270,000,000 contract with the International Golden Group (IGG) to provide spare parts and maintenance for all units of the UAE Armed Forces 16. An AED28,525,200 contract with the International Golden Group (IGG) to buy thermal cameras for the UAE Army 17. An AED90,000,000 contract with Renk UAE to supply spare parts for Leclerc tanks 18. An AED20,000,000 contract with Central & Motors to buy tires for the UAE Armed Forces vehicles 19. An AED29,930,000 contract with Caracal to purchase arms and ammunitions (CAR 816 assault rifle - CP-320 caracal pistol 9mm - BARRETT sniper rifle 12.7 with accessories) for UAE Armed Forces 20. An AED70,000,000 contract with the Darwish bin Ahmed company to provide maintenance, technical and towing support as well as spare parts 21. An AED56,000,000 contract with Emirates General Transport to provide maintenance, repair and overhaul services 22. An AED60,000,000 contract with Etihad Ship Building to provide technical support and supply spare parts for boats and vessels for the UAE Navy 23. An AED26,460,636 contract with Al Hamra Trading to purchase control vehicles to remove munitions for the UAE Army 24. An AED34,893,500 contract with Star Satellite for the satellite communications system for the UAE Navy 25. An AED2,428,657,820 contract with Al Jasoor Heavy Vehicle for ARMA 8x8 armoured vehicle for UAE Army 26. An AED105,891,232 contract with Knowledge Point to provide specialised consultations to build and develop the capabilities of the UAE Armed Forces 27. An AED85,410,000 contract with the company Khalid Faraj to provide shipping services by chartering vessels for the Directorate of Joint Operations 28. An AED949,988,785 contract with Etimad to install a security system for the Critical Infrastructure and Coastal Protection Authority Total value of contracts with UAE companies: AED4,363,884,094 IDEX and NAVDEX 2019 is running at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre till 21st February under the patronage of President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Source: Emirates News Agency