TREVISO, Italy, February 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —
With close to five million euro worth of Indoor Climate Control units provided in many EXPO Pavilions and structures and in brand new impressive smart buildings in Milan, DeLclima is a main player in this event  
On May 1st, Expo 2015 will be live in Milan – “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” is the theme of the event, “promoting innovation for a sustainable future”. DeLclima will be a main player at the event, with direct involvement as a preferred supplier of eco-sustainable solutions in many EXPO pavilions and structures and in the latest impressive buildings in Milan, displaying a totally new city skyline to the 20 million visitors expected.

DeLclima units will equip the Angola, Austria, Azerbaijan, Brazil, UAE, France, Germany, Kuwait, Monaco, Switzerland, and United States of America pavilions as well as the Intesa Sanpaolo  and  Telecom corporate pavilions and common structures such as ” La Piastra” and ” Area Ovest”. Also, the Aquae  Venezia 2015 pavilion, the collateral exhibition on water themes organized by EXPO in Venice, will be air conditioned by DeLclima. In total more than 80 units, worth one million euro .
” The Universal  Exhibition  is a perfect showcase  for  DeLclima’s superior eco-sustainable and energy intelligent solutions,  fully aligned with  the  EXPO theme,” says Carlo Grossi, DeLclima CEO. ” By eliminating CO2in the city, reducing energy consumption through extensive heat recovery and using renewable sources   DeLclima contributes to making Milan an example of   sustainability and innovation, ready to share its best practices with the world.” Carlo Grossi continues: “The excellent climate control at the Italian pavilion at EXPO  Shanghai 2010, the most visited after the Chinese  Pavilion,  was a great booster for DeLclima activities in China. I trust  EXPO Milano  2015  will  be a success accelerator  for DeLclima’s  ICC&R business  worldwide.”
The new Porta Nuova district is the most advanced smart urban development in Milan, coinciding with Expo2015. Extending for 340,000 m 2 in the city centre, it includes iconic skyscrapers such as Unicredit Tower, by starchitect Cesar Pelli, and the amazing twin vertical breathing skyscrapers, Bosco Verticale, the 2014 International Highrise Award winner. The development is also outstanding as far as indoor climate control is concerned. Heating and cooling is provided by 57 DeLclima (Climaveneta) smart heat pumps, for a total value of approximately 3.5  million euro , distributed over the whole district, combining efficiency with utmost flexibility.
SOURCE DeLclima S.p.A.