DUBAI, The Dubai Foundation for Women and Children, DFWAC, received today a delegation from the Arab Charter of Human Rights of the Arab League, to learn about the Foundation's services and efforts in providing protection and care for victims of violence and human trafficking of women and children.

The delegation was greeted by Afra Al Basti, Director-General of DFWAC, who stressed that the Foundation's doors are always open to all who wants to benefit from its experience in combating violence against women and children on both Regional and international level.

Al Basti expressed her pleasure with the visit of the delegation of the Arab Charter of Human Rights, which reflects their interest in the issues of women and children. It also reflects the important role played by the Foundation in this field, noting that the Foundation is keen to strengthen cooperation with various concerned bodies in the Arab countries.

The visiting delegation praised the Foundation's distinguished facilities and the excellent services it provides to victims of violence and human trafficking, stressing that it is an excellent role model in the Arab countries.

During the visit, the delegation was introduced to a number of the most prominent facilities and services provided by the Foundation, including the Call Center of DFWAC's Helpline 800111, which operates 24/7 to receive reports on cases of violence and human trafficking and provide various family counseling in various languages language.

The delegation was also briefed on the most important psychological and social rehabilitation methods used for the victims of violence, including group therapy, and play therapy.

Source: Emirates News Agency