DUBAI, -- The Department of Legal Affairs at the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) shared its best practices with a visiting delegation of the Road and Transport Authority (RTA).

The Director of the Department of Legal Affairs at the DHA, Dr. Ahmad Suleiman, and Vice President of the General Medical Committee Dr. Khaldoon Walid Nabhan received the delegation from the RTA, headed by the Director of the Department of Legal Affairs at RTA, Dr Khalid Al Ameeri, .

During the meeting, both parties discussed ways to partner and share experiences with regard to legal affairs, such as legal terminology adopted by government bodies as well as legal procedures.

The DHA's legal affairs department shared some of its tasks and legal programmes during the meeting. The information shared included but was not limited to investigation procedures, communication mechanisms and procedures to receive legal inquires.

The RTA delegation commended the DHA for its achievements in the legal field, its high standard procedures and administrate professionalism. They also commended their use of smart services, which they have integrated in their legal procedures.

The meeting concluded with both parties agreeing to look into ways to collaborate and develop their relationship further.

Source: Emirates News Agency