REYKJAVIK, 2nd February, 2017 (WAM) — An attempt to drill into the heart of a volcano in the south-west of Iceland is now complete, said a report published by BBC.

Geologists have penetrated to a depth of 4,659 metres (m), creating the deepest-ever volcanic borehole. Their aim is to tap into the steam at the bottom of the well to provide a source of geothermal energy.

When the steam is brought back to the surface and converted into electricity, it will create up to 10 times more energy compared to conventional geothermal wells.

Geologists have recorded temperatures of 427?C, but believe the hole will get hotter when they widen it in the coming months. The Iceland Deep Drilling Project (IDDP) team has also collected 21m of cores, which will now be analysed.

Gudmundur Omar Fridleifsson from Icelandic energy company HS Orka, the lead funder of the project, said, “We got some beautiful samples – everyone is very pleased.”