DUBAI, The Dubai Health Authority, DHA, has launched the AWTAAD initiative, with the aim of qualifying more than 180 employees in change management and culture transformation.

Dr. Mohammad Al Redha, Director of Organisational Transformation at DHA, revealed that the initiative aims to enable authority's capabilities (including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, engineers, IT professionals and administrative staff) to participate in implementing the DHA's strategy and transform Dubai's healthcare sector.

Dr. Al Redha revealed that AWTAAD has two main branches, AWTAAD Projects focusing on building the Project Management capabilities in healthcare sector, and AWTAAD Change, which focuses on building the capabilities in transformation and positive change.

The initiative will develop DHA's internal competencies in order to meet the health sector's growing needs, establish a lateral network of professionals in DHA, and find a common language and shared direction across the DHA various sectors and domains.

Nada Abandah, Transformation Consultant at the Executive Office for Organisational Transformation and Project Leader of AWTAAD, said that the 180 Change Managers will undergo a four-week training programme and receive 3 international certification on change management and culture transformation, and will become advocates for positive change and transformation in their departments "The training plan was developed while taking competency gaps into consideration. The programme will help Change Managers understand the fundamentals of change management to drive transformational initiatives. After completing the course successfully, participants will receive Prosci's Change Management certification among other certificates and will be able to lead the DHA through incremental changes and build a customised change management strategy to name a few," she concluded.

Source: Emirates News Agency