DUBAI, The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) highlighted Dubai's experience in leading innovations in healthcare and education at an international conference organised by the Harvard Macy Institute.

Dr Dima Kamal Abdelmannan, Dean of Clinical Medicine, Clinical Faculty and Consultant Endocrinologist at the DHA's Dubai Diabetes Centre, participated in the medical education conference on the behalf of the DHA, alongside a number renowned doctors and experts in the field of health and medical education.

The event, which took place in Boston, Massachusetts, was held under the theme, "Innovations in Education and Health Care".

During the event, Dr Abdelmannan highlighted Dubai's outstanding experience in medical education and training programs. She showcased how these programs enhance medical capabilities and enables human cadres to remain at par with the rapid developments in the world, all while providing quality health services.

"The DHA's invitation to participate in this specialized medical conference as the first health institution in the UAE reflects the global confidence in the DHA and its successful experiences in the field of medical education and healthcare provided in its various internationally-accredited health facilities," said Dr Abdelmannan.

She added that the conference focused on the importance of adopting integrated health systems that help medical school graduates in applying theoretical information in a practical way to enhance their capabilities and qualify them to treat various cases according to the latest international protocols and practices.

"The conference also focused on innovations in the medical field, and the importance of adopting innovative health systems for intelligent solutions that serve patients in a cost effective manner while guaranteeing quality," she added.

Dr Abdelmannan stressed the importance of this conference adding that amongst its main speakers were distinguished Harvard professors such as Professor Clayton Christensen, a world-renowned professor of the Harvard Business School and author of the world's best-selling book.

Professor Christensen gifted his book "The Innovator Prescription" to Humaid Al Qutami, Director General of DHA in recognition of his efforts in supporting innovation and continuing medical education in Dubai.

The Director of the Harvard Macy Institute, Professor Elizabeth G. Armstrong commended Dr Abdelmannan for her significant contributions to the success of the course. She also commended the DHA's support in a letter that read: "The Dubai Health Authority's support of her to take on this faculty role represents an honour for both her and for us, and we look forward to many more opportunities to collaborate with you [the DHA] and with Dr Abelmannan. She is a talented and inspiring educator committed to advancing healthcare education and innovation in your country."

Dr Abdelmannan also participated as teaching faculty in project sessions, where participants from health institutions around the world shared their projects on innovation in health education and healthcare systems in order to receive input from faculty at Harvard.

"I was fortunate to teach and share my Dubai experience in healthcare delivery and medical education alongside other esteemed faculty from Harvard. I am also thankful for DHA's support and for its medical education initiatives, which create environments that harvest innovation among health professionals. This investment in medical education will guarantee a competent healthcare workforce that is able to serve, lead, and innovate in our health-care system," added Dr Abdelmannan.

During the conference, Dr Abdelmannan also shared her experience on how to apply modern technologies to medical education and how to teach using the HoloLens, virtual reality and simulation.

Source: Emirates News Agency