DUBAI, According to its report, the Humanitarian Care Department of the General Department of Punitive and Correctional Establishments at the Dubai Police extended its provision of certain financial and in-kind assistance offered to inmates.

This aid was worth AED815,942 during the third quarter of this year, bringing the total value of aid to AED5,463,586 over nine months.

Brigadier Ali Mohammed Al Shamali, Director of the Department, said that the Dubai Police is always keen to meet the annual needs of inmates, in accordance with international regulations, adding that its organises a call for donations that are collected in a donation bank account from donors, charities and philanthropists.

"The goal is to reform and rehabilitate inmates, in order to ensure their transition back into the community, as well as enable them to support themselves and their families after serving their sentences," Al Shamali stressed.

Lt. Habib Husain Al Zarouni, Head of the Correctional Institutions' Humanitarian Care Department, said that the donations have helped improve the living conditions of inmates and their families.

"The aid covered their rental costs, the education expenses of their children, their livelihood and health costs, their monthly pension payments and their medical subsides, such as wheelchairs, as well as their payments for birth costs, the issuance of their birth certificates, the provision of child-related necessities, and other types of humanitarian assistance," Al Zarouni added.

Source: Emirates News Agency