Dubai / Preparations are well underway at the Dubai International Airport to ensure smooth reception for nearly 1.1 million passengers are expected to travel through it in four days only starting from tomorrow until March 27.

As part of the keenness of Dubai Airports to provide a distinctive experience of travel for travelers there are a series of presentations and live entertainment especially for families and children to spread happiness and cheer to their hearts.

And Anita predicted foals First Vice President of communication and institutional reputation in Dubai Airports , the airport uses about 1.1 million passengers at a rate of 260 thousand passengers per day in the period between 24 and 27 March during the weekend and spring travelers ..onsaht to come early to the airport to complete their procedures smoothly and enjoy activities , live entertainment and benefit offers from some restaurants, cafes and shopping opportunities and relaxation.

She foals that there are a series of recreational activities , including video chat group @ DXB and offers #musicDXB some artists and provide souvenirs and other activities.

It is scheduled to promote Dubai Airports the presence of staff in basic facilities at the airport , especially families of them to help travelers from the moment of arrival at the airport and the end of their arrival to the plane to make the journey smooth and wonderful experience in coordination with various strategic partners, airlines and other stakeholders .. While travelers can residents benefit from the use of the identity card to complete the exit and entry procedures in less than 15 seconds.

Source: Emirates News Agency