DUBAI, The Dubai Maritime City Authority, DMCA, has officially launched the updated version of 'Sea Dubai' as part of the ambitious vision to create a leading maritime cluster for Dubai's maritime activities and enhance their accessibility.

The launch is the result of wide acclaim of visitors of the Dubai International Boat Show 2019, held at the Dubai Water Canal until March 2; which valued the role of the quality initiative as a key pillar in the development of maritime leisure activities and a key component of the local maritime cluster - the most competitive, attractive and distinctive maritime cluster in the world.

The move comes in line with the commitment of the DMCA to develop a clear mechanism to support, develop, coordinate and promote the integration of maritime products and initiatives, ensuring a unique experience for the sea pioneers convenient with Dubai leading position on the world's leisure maritime map.

The 'Sea Dubai' has been updated to include all aspects related to leisure maritime activities such as water bikes, sea sports, restaurants, floating shops, beaches and public water transport, including water bus, water taxi, traditional transportation such as abras and others.

Amer Ali, Executive Director of DMCA, said: "The launch of the updated version of 'Sea Dubai' is part of our commitment to keep abreast of and lead rapid developments within the global maritime sector and establish Dubai's leadership as a global cluster to maritime leisure in all its aspects. Since its official launch at the Dubai International Boat Show 2018, 'Sea Dubai' has proved a success in the development of the maritime means and activities in the emirate; with provisions secure to access accurate and correct information in relation to the entire maritime leisure sector in the emirate."

Ali continued: "The updated initiative is an important step forward in promoting strategic partnerships between the public and private sectors to develop maritime leisure activities as a vital source of economic diversification in Dubai and the UAE. The interest in 'Sea Dubai' encourages us to provide new features and innovative services in line with maritime innovation and smart transformation; ensuring a renewed, sustainable and secure maritime sector that supports the objectives of Vision 2021 to build a diversified base of productive and innovative economic activities."

Source: Emirates News Agency