DUBAI, -- Octavian Calmic, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of Moldova, has invited Emirati investors to discover his country's trade markets, with the aim of strengthening commercial trade between the two countries, especially as Dubai is the most active destination in the Middle East for trade, finance and tourism, and the third largest re-exporting city in the world after Hong Kong and Singapore.

During a press conference held on Monday at the sidelines of the seventh edition of the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM 2017), Calmic said that a draft agreement is being prepared between the UAE and Moldova, which guarantees the protection of negotiated investments and helps investors achieve considerable profits from their investments.

He added that all investment sectors in Moldova "can be attractive, in case there is serious government desire to promote it through our expertise in Moldova, with the agricultural and car industry sectors being the most popular."

Calmic stated that there were major opportunities for trading and investment ties between the two countries through their desire to increase co-operation in different fields, as the means of joint co-operation have only been discovered, with both sides working together to strengthen and develop co-operation.

He noted that there were nine companies in Moldova with Emirati capital investment while stressing that Moldova is prepared to export food products to the Emirati market, including local food, Halal meat, drinks, baby food, canned goods and other products.

Calmic also stressed the importance of organising AIM on the Moldovan economy, which he described as an important international investment meeting with many diverse activities, and forming an effective knowledge platform to provide the most recent information and developments on direct foreign investment and related issues.

"The current 7th edition of AIM 2017 provides many communication tools that can lead to sustainable partnerships with prospective investors, contributing to strengthening bilateral ties between countries," he added.

Source: Emirates News Agency