DUBAI, Dubai will host the Emirati-Kuwaiti joint productive families exhibition in Dubai Mall, which will run from 16th - 20th July.

The exhibition - which opens from 10.00 am until midnight - is expected to attract the participation of 24 productive families from both countries.

The second joint exhibition is part of sustainable community development integration between the UAE and Kuwait which will enhance the success stories of productive families and the expansion of their projects and products.

The Ministry of Community Development has previously organised the first joint Emirati-Kuwaiti exhibition in the Avenue Centre, Kuwait, with the participation of 25 families.

Afra Buhumaid, Director of Productive Families Programme Department at the Ministry, stated that the participating Emirati-Kuwaiti productive families will display thousands of products such as: publications, children's clothes, jalabias, abayas, perfumes, dukhoon, decorative pots, Emirati spices, honey, natural oils and desserts.

Source: Emirates News Agency