E-marine, a provider of submarine cable solutions in the Middle East, launched its newest cable-laying vessel in Dubai last week.

The new vessel, the CS Maram, is E-marine's fifth cable-laying vessel and is part of E-marine's effort to boost capacity and maintain vital cable infrastructure in the Middle East and East Africa.

The CS Maram, built in Abu Dhabi to be the most modern, eco-friendly cable ship in the world, can install and maintain all types of subsea cables, including fiber-optic telecommunications cables and energy cables. The vessel is equipped with the latest high-tech remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to perform inspections of the seabed and cut trenches to bury cables.

"The launch of CS Maram marks a major milestone in E-marine 's journey and the expansion of our operations in the region," Omar Jassim Bin Kalban, managing director and CEO of E-marine, said. "It will strengthen our presence in the high-growth subsea cable market, especially as demand rises from the telecoms and energy sectors. This highly technical cable ship will provide our customers with the latest sub-sea cabling technology and demonstrates our commitment to the region. For our customers, more ships means we can reach cable systems faster and across a wider geographic area."

Source: Gulf News