AJMAN, Hussain bin Ibrahim Al Hammadi, Minister of Education, has underlined the importance of the media's positive role in addressing the subversive and misleading messages propagated by some media outlets, and which target all segments of society, primarily young people, calling for enhancing public awareness against the underlying evil inherent in these messages.

The minister's remarks came during the opening of the second session of the Media Education Conference organised by the Ministry of Education at the Teacher Training Institute in Ajman in the presence of Mohammed Jalal Al Raisi, Executive Director of the Emirates News Agency, WAM, and others.

The conference addressed an array of issues related to ways to equip students with critical thinking skills and how to benefit from media in enhancing the educational message and promoting their national identity values, protecting them against malignant media messages, and instilling the values of positive media and constructive education. The meeting also explored ways to unify efforts to develop the concept of positive media.

Al Hammadi noted the importance and the deep impact of media outlets on all segments of society, including students, saying that this "entails efforts to create sufficient awareness among students on how to deal with media."

Referring to the importance of positive news, he said, "Media not only broadcasts events and news, but also forms the awareness of recipients and communities, and may as well create chaos that threatens the stability of societies and countries."

For his part, Al Raisi presented a study conducted by the National Media Council on sources of news. The study shows that social media networks followed by satellite channels are the major sources of news for society. He also spoke about the content of various media outlets and ways to embed positive messages of close relevance to social interests.

The Executive Director of WAM added that the study revealed that 86 percent of the UAE youth use more than one media outlet to get news.

Al Raisi underlined the role of media outlets, especially social media platforms, in broadcasting news with caution and steering clear away from negative news that spreads despair and broadcasts harmful content that threatens peace and security.

Source: Emirates News Agency