DUBAI, 24th August, 2016 (WAM) – Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) has held a panel discussion at Gloria Hotel on sustainable consumption and production, and how best to address the global environmental issues.

The forum brought together experts to delve deeper into the Sustainable Consumption and Production of food.

Dr. Essam Elhashimi, Head of Food Studies Expert, Dubai Municipality, one of the panel speakers, highlighted the mega food wasters that “we have come to be,” emphasising the need for prevention of food wastage by tackling it at the source, through trade partnerships with exporting countries and knowledge sharing with relevant authorities and personnel involved in export of food.

He praised a valuable solution of possibly restricting serving sizes at food outlets by law, which was well received by the audience.

The UNEP Regional Office in Bahrain was represented at the Panel Discussion by Fareed Bushehri, Senior Sustainable Consumption and Production Officer.

He highlighted the current pressing environmental realities with the earth on fire, rising consumerism, diminishing resources and an ever growing population. “The total impact and consumption are worked out by measuring the average per person multiplied by the number of people. Thus all environmental (and many economic and social) problems are easier to solve with fewer people, and ultimately impossible with ever more.”

Bushehri stressed the need for businesses to understand the implications of these trends and account for them in their planning and business strategy, using this long term planning to put them at a competitive advantage.

Karim El-Jisr, Director, Diamond Innovation Centre at The Sustainability City, and a sustainability champion, engaged the audience with active steps taken. From using recycled material like crumb rubber, installing street light poles that use glued laminated timber, an efficient household waste management strategy, urban farming and support towards a vibrant second hand consumer market. The session closed with a passionate Q&A session.

Chairperson of EEG Habiba Al Marashi thanked the speakers and audience for their participation, interest and contributions.