MUKALLA, The Emirates Red Crescent continues to provide aid to liberated areas in Yemen, including the rebuilding and renovation of hospitals, and equipping them with medical supplies. This assistance is being funded by the United Arab Emirates to aid and assist the brotherly Yemeni people, and to secure a decent life for them.

The ERC has also provided support for working people, including those with low-income, service workers and contractors at the University Hospital of Gynaecology, Childbirth and Cardiac Catheterisation in the city of Mukalla, where a delegation from the Red Crescent, headed by Shawki al-Tamimi, Supervisor of Emirati Red Crescent projects in Hadhramaut, visited the hospital today.

The delegation distributed humanitarian aid, including food, bedcovers and blankets, as well as inspecting the hospital's departments, and providing medical equipment.

Abdullah Al Masafry, Head of ERC team in Hadhramaut, said this aid falls within the context of efforts made by the UAE in the field of charitable and humanitarian work, and the context of UAE commitments to alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni people, stressing the authority's devotion to assist in alleviating the suffering of the needy, especially working people in Yemeni society.

Many people in the hospital expressed their gratitude and appreciation to the United Arab Emirates.

They also said they treasured the UAE government and people who took a stand to support them, praising their efforts to aid the people of Hadhramaut.

Source: Emirates News Agency