ABU DHABI, The Emirates Scientists Council, headed by Sarah Al Amiri, Minister of State for Advanced Sciences and Chairperson of the Council, held the last meeting of its second term.

The meeting discussed a series of studies aimed at evaluating the country’s research and development system and ways of engraining its role in the national development process, in line with the preparations for a new phase of development over the next five decades.

The council also talked about how to strengthen the system, in line with national strategies and policies relevant to investing in sciences, technologies and human resources, to achieve excellence in future industries and help shape a new knowledge-based reality, which will enhance the UAE’s regional and global stature, as well as employ advanced sciences in the creation of solutions to future challenges, and support the government’s efforts to achieve its development goals.

Al Amiri stressed that the council’s plans will be modernised in accordance with the system’s upgrading, starting with the establishment of a national framework to govern this process.

She also highlighted the importance of the system and aligning its activities with national priorities, as well as improving performance and monitoring the system’s impact on the efforts to achieve scientific, economic and social growth.

The council is keen to empower scientists and experts and help create an environment that encourages scientific research, by revisiting sustainable development policies and strategies, and promoting the culture of science, research and development around the country, she said in conclusion.


Source: Emirates News Agency