ABU DHABI, The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) has named Dr Mohammed Mahmoud Al Kamali, Director-General of the Institute of Training and Judicial Studies, a member of its judicial advisory team.

Dr. Al Kamali will be among a 15-member team selected from all over the world to provide counselling and help convene forums, conferences and training courses on intellectual property (IP) rights.

The team started its mission in organising the first-ever Intellectual Property Judges Forum at WIPO's headquarters in Geneva recently. The forum aimed to provide a platform for judges to share expertise on the most pressing IP challenges raised by accelerating innovation and the cross-border use of IP.

More than 100 judges from 64 countries discussed the judicial role in developing IP law and the value of transnational dialogue during the forum.

The Forum, which will be held each year, seeks to address this challenge: National judiciaries are often tasked with resolving novel IP questions presented by technological and societal changes that move faster than the evolution of legislation and public policy.

Source: Emirates News Agency