DHAKA, -- The Emirati Parliamentary Division of the Federal National Council, FNC, has participated in the 275th Executive Committee meetings of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, IPU, that were held today in the Conference Centre in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.

The meetings were headed by Saber Chowdhury, President of the IPU, and Martin Chungong, Secretary-General of the IPU.

The FNC was represented in the committee meetings by Ali Jassim Ahmed, Member of the FNC, and representatives of the Arab Group in the Executive Committee. The committee discussed a number of the clauses listed on its work schedule, to be presented to the IPU's General Assembly and governing board.

These include the summary of the assembly's previous session, the report on the activities of the union's president since its previous session in Geneva on October 2016, the report of the secretary-general that includes all the union's activities and issues related to its members' conditions, as well as the membership of new parliaments to the union, financial issues, the union's strategy, and co-operation with United Nations organisations.

As the meeting commenced, Saber Chowdhury welcomed the members of the Executive Committee in Bangladesh, with an assurance that it was customary for the parliamentary president of the host country to be invited to the meetings of the IPU to give the opening speech at the start of the committee's meetings, and address the members.

Ali Jassim Ahmed highlighted the importance of the role and activities of the IPU during the previous year, especially regarding co-operation with the United Nations to achieve the goals of sustainable development, which the union has started applying, while adding that the union had placed its priorities according to programmes, activities and partner countries, adding that this is a positive step for the union, especially in terms of developing the working mechanisms of the general secretariat, administrative policies and communication using modern technology. This will enable various parliamentary organisations to effectively participate in a number of the IPU's activities.

He noted that the FNC and the Arab Group are anticipating the IPU's outputs and decisions, to enable the people of the world to achieve greater security, stability and rule of law.

Source: Emirates News Agency