DUBAI, Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation, Empower, has launched a training programme to encourage undergraduates, and high school students to engage in the district cooling sector.

Through this programme, Empower aims to introduce the district cooling sector to the young Emirati youth and encourage them to study relevant disciplines to gain the appropriate experience in the industry, as well as provide employment opportunities for them after the duly completion of the programme.

The training programme includes a 4 to15 week course on theoretical and practical aspects of the district cooling sector and saw the participation of students who study similar disciplines, such as Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Business Management, Human Resource Management, Sales and Marketing, Accounting and Quality Management.

During the programme, which will continue till the end of August 2019, Empower will hold workshops and open days within various administrative and field branches to give the participants an overview of the working mechanism within Empower, in addition to allowing them to visit Empower's cooling plants for experiencing the practical applications.

"Empower pays special attention to training programmes to raise awareness about the district cooling sector, as well as to raise the scientific and technical level of the participants of the programme, to achieve the highest levels in the district cooling industry, and to play a role in preserving the environment," said Ahmad bin Shafar, CEO of Empower.

The programme, he said, aims to promote the district cooling industry among the young generation and encourage them to study this growing sector. It also aims to contribute to offering employment opportunities for participants and informing them about key specialties in the district cooling industry.

Source: Emirates News Agency