VIENNA, 26th July, 2016 (WAM) –The IAEA is to cooperate with Russian authorities in the enhancement of the country’s national radiation safety standards and in the implementation of international safety standards as a result of two new agreements signed last week in Moscow.

“These agreements establish a cooperation framework to strengthen coordination for the application of radiation safety and monitoring programmes in Russia,” said Juan Carlos Lentijo, IAEA Deputy Director-General and Head of the Department of Nuclear Safety and Security. Radiation and nuclear techniques are increasingly used in medicine, industry, agriculture, energy and other scientific and technological fields.

Signed by Juan Carlos Lentijo, Anna Popova, Head of the Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-Being, and Vladimir Uyba, Head of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency, on Monday 18th July, the practical arrangements will commence a process whereby concrete actions to achieve higher standards of radiation safety across all levels in the nuclear field will be implemented.

The two new practical arrangements complement those in the area of occupational radiation safety concluded between the IAEA and ROSATOM, the State Corporation on Atomic Energy, in 2015.

“With the signing of the latest practical arrangements, the IAEA has completed procedural formalities to establish cooperation with the prime radiation regulatory authorities of Russia,” said Miroslav Pinak, Head of the IAEA Radiation Safety and Monitoring Section.