ABU DHABI, The Emirates Policy Centre, EPC, ranked 6th in the Middle East and North Africa, MENA, region in the annual Global Go To Think Tank Index Report released by the University of Pennsylvania in January 2020, while the centre's annual conference, "Abu Dhabi Strategic Debate", also ranked 10th among the top best think-tank conferences worldwide.

EPC President, Dr. Ebtesam Al Ketbi, expressed his happiness over this achievement, which proves that the centre occupies a renowned position among think-tanks across the world.

Dr. Al Ketbi said that this global recognition of the EPC's status and role is a testimony that the centre's march improves every year. She pointed out that the EPC's rank at the regional level has improved one spot compared with last year.

As for the EPC's annual conference, it maintained its rank despite the intense competition among world conferences, Dr. Al Ketbi added.

The EPC's president pointed out that think-tanks are considered to be part of the state's soft power, as the centre contributes to enhancing the UAE's profile as a country that depends on research, knowledge and innovation in achieving progress and development. Dr. Al Ketbi stated that this achievement would not have been possible without the clear vision on which the centre was established and the constant support from the country's decision-makers.

The University of Pennsylvania's annual think-tanks index report ranks them globally in terms of significance based on a set of indices, notably intellectual and scientific production, and their impact on public policy, and general trends. This report reflects the growing significance of think-tanks that contribute to bridging the gap between knowledge and public policies, and play a crucial role in planning and influencing such policies.

This year's list of think-tanks in the MENA region included 102 research and studies establishments that exist in the Arab countries, as well as Turkey, Iran, and Israel, while the global conference list included 65 conferences.

Source: Emirates News Agency