ADEN, As part of its activities during the "Year of Zayed," the Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, on Tuesday honoured three Yemeni citizens in recognition of their services to the local community.

The ERC Director in Aden presented the "Brotherhood and Loyalty" plaque to Abu Bakr Shafiq, first governor of Aden after Yemen's independence in 1967.

Nashir Saif was also honoured. Nicknamed "Presidential Photographer," Saif documented the visit of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan to Aden in the mid-seventies through photographs.

The ERC also honoured the son of martyr Shaya Al Hariri, a security officer who was killed in a terrorist attack that targeted the University of Aden. He managed to shoot one of the assailants before his martyrdom.

Major-General Shalal Shaya, Director of Aden Security, thanked the UAE, and its humanitarian arm, the ERC, for this compassionate gesture.

Source: Emirates News Agency