ABU DHABI,The Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, has intensified its efforts to provide humanitarian and relief assistance to Yemen in July, especially in Hodeidah Governorate and the Red Sea Coast, by distributing thousands of tonnes of food baskets, to ease the suffering of the Yemeni people caused by the Houthi militias.

The ERC is continuing its efforts to treat those injured by the Houthis, as well as its infrastructure operations and projects, which aim to build schools and restore the country's electricity network. It also organised group weddings, offered relief assistance and food baskets, and conducted training courses for Yemeni security and military forces during the same month.

The ERC faced considerable obstacles, due to the geographic locations and conditions of many Yemeni cities, which led it, in coordination with the Arab Coalition Forces, to airdrop supplies to help the people of northern Al Tuhayat District in Hodeidah Governorate, using parachutes aided by GPS technology.

A delegation from the International Committee of the Red Cross praised the ERC's humanitarian role and its social services and developmental projects in many areas of the country.

The ERC continued, in July, distributing relief assistance and humanitarian and food aid, alongside the overall operations to liberate Hodeidah and others areas of Yemen's Red Sea Coast, as part of the land, sea and air rescue bridge from the UAE to Hodeidah.

The ERC's rescue teams overcame challenging terrain in many regions of Yemen and delivered 500 food parcels to families in the remote district of Al Qabbaytah, Lahej Governorate, as well as 1,200 food parcels to the residents of Al Dhahi in Kirsh, which is located 5 kilometres from the Houthi lines.

The UAE also prioritised the treatment of those injured during the war, in implementation of the directives of the wise leadership to transport 74 injured Yemenis and their carers to India, in July, for treatment, at its expense.

A leading Emirati surgery team saved the life of a three-year-old Yemeni child, named, Somaiya, who was seriously injured after the Houthi militias targeted her home. She was then moved from Al Tuhayat District to the Emirati field hospital in the Red Sea Coast and underwent a successful four-hour surgery, before being transferred to a hospital in the UAE to continue her treatment.

The ERC also supported the "Al Hayat Association for Early Intervention" in Aden, by organising a mental health training course for disabled people.

The ERC continued to implement rebuilding and basic infrastructure projects, with a focus on the education sector.

The ERC began the restoration of the "Martyr Ali Othman Naji School" in Al Markoula and the "Ali Muqbel Naji School," which are both in Dhala Governorate, as well as the university lecture halls at the Oil and Metals College in Ataq, the capital of Shabwa Governorate.

The ERC signed a contract with the local water and sanitation institution in Hadramaut, to link the sewage network of the Sheikh Khalifa Residential City in Mukalla.

In July, the electricity grid in Yakhtal District, Al Mocha, was restored and transformers were installed, restoring electricity to 1,600 homes.

The ERC also organised a group wedding in Abyan Governorate, covered its expenses, and presented gifts to the newlyweds, to help them start their married lives.

Source: Emirates News Agency