SEIYUN, YEMEN, The Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) has offered humanitarian assistance to 240 people with disabilities in the Hadramout valley in Yemen.

This is part of the continuing efforts of the UAE to support the Yemeni people through rescue operations, nutritive and health aid, and reconstruction of projects.

The humanitarian aid included medication, blankets and food to eliminate the suffering of this sector of Yemeni society.

Abdullah Al Musaferi, ERC representative in Hadramaut, said this campaign was a part of a series to assist citizens of Hadramaut, while highlighting that this project focusses on supporting people with disabilities.

The Chairman of the Council of Coordination between People with Disabilities Organization in Hadramaut praised the efforts of the UAE in supporting Yemenis on all fronts, while stressing that this initiative reflects the noble stance of the UAE government.

The beneficiaries of the humanitarian aid also expressed their gratitude to the ERC team.

Source: Emirates News Agency