ABU DHABI, The Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, intensified its domestic humanitarian response during the Year of Tolerance.

According to a report discussed during the first meeting of the year of the ERC's Higher Committee for Local Aid, more than one million UAE citizens and residents from 87 nationalities benefitted from the ERC's programmes and humanitarian and social assistance in 2019 worth AED 140.6 million with social assistance amounting to AED 115.3 million while the cost of its seasonal projects reached AED 30.5 million.

During the meeting, the committee discussed a report on the ERC's local aid programmes and its proposed budget for 2020.

Al Mansouri, who chaired the meeting, stated that the increased support for the ERC's local aid programmes and activities reflects the interest of the country's leadership, as well as its ongoing efforts to improve the conditions of underprivileged people.

He added said that the ERC's local work and the assistance it provided last year confirms its sincere commitment, affirming that it is working annually to increase its financial allocations to local programmes.

The report highlighted the fact that the value of social assistance provided by the ERC in 2019 amounted to AED 115.3 million which includes humanitarian aid worth AED 30.6 million medical aid worth AED 24.1 million aid for prisoners and their families worth AED 8.1 million aid for science students worth AED 36.8 million and rehabilitation programmes for people of determination worth AED 5.1 million as well as support for institutions worth AED 459,477, Ramadan food coupons worth AED 4.8 million and seasonal programmes and projects worth AED 30.5 million.

Source: Emirates News Agency