ABU DHABI, The Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, announced that over AED6 million was granted to students with intellectual and physical disabilities in 2019.

The UAE aid authority also celebrated the graduation of 13 People of Determination from the School of Information Technology at Al Khawarizmi International College in Abu Dhabi, with officials from the Zayed Higher Organisation for People of Determination, Al Khawarizmi College, and family members having attended the ceremony.

During the ceremony, and in the presence of Rashid Mubarak Al Mansouri, Deputy Secretary-General of the Local Affairs Sector in ERC; Abdullah Ismail Al Kamali, Executive Director of Zayed Foundation for People of Determination; and Dr. Asim Al Haj, President of Al Khawarizmi International College, the ERC praised the efforts of the 13 students.

Al Mansouri said, "People of Determination take a remarkable priority in ERC aid projects, and we have clear directives to support them to achieve their various aspirations in order to contribute to their integration in society and enable them to play vital roles in building our homeland."

The parents of the students valued the role of the ERC and its partners in supporting their children and directing them towards graduation.

Eleven of the ERC's Centres completed projects related to supporting People of Determination in the UAE by providing basic needs and paying their tuition fees. The number of beneficiaries of the two projects reached 2,174 students from 415 families, at a total value of AED6,194,470.

At the ERC Centre in Abu Dhabi, tuition fees were paid for 255 beneficiaries from 54 families, with a total value of AED995,000, while the number of beneficiaries of the tuition fee project implemented by the Al Ain Centre was 401 students across 75 families, with a total value of AED1,030,000 million and the number of beneficiaries at the Al Dhafra Centre reached 27 students from five families, at a total value of AED74,000.

The ERC Centre in the Musaffah region implemented aid projects for students of determination to benefit 141 students across 23 families, with a total value of AED230,000. As for the Baniyas Centre, some 266 students from 48 families benefited from the aid project valued at AED602,000.

At the ERC Centre in Dubai, 43 families were supported by two projects, the first (personal needs provision project) included some 13 beneficiaries, while the second (the tuition fee project) included some 226 beneficiaries and the total value of the two projects amounted to AED651,000.

The ERC Centre in Sharjah implemented a project to pay tuition fees for 146 students of determination from 31 families, with a the total value of some AED270,000, while in the ERC Centre in Ajman, the number of beneficiaries of the tuition fees aid project benefited 191 individuals in 38 families, and some 194 beneficiaries from 40 families benefited from the basic needs aid project, bringing the total of the two projects to over AED460,000.

Within the framework of the assistance provided to support People of Determination in the ERC Centre in Ras Al Khaimah, the families benefiting from the tuition fee payment programme reached 44 families and 229 students with a total value of over AED503,000, while at the ERC Centre in Fujairah, 203 students of determination benefited from the tuition fees payment project, at a total value of over AED783,000.

Finally, the number of beneficiaries of the tuition fees project carried out by the ERC Centre in Umm Al Qaiwain was 86 students from 16 families, with a total value of over AED326,000.

Source: Emirates News Agency