An aviation expert Farouk Gumel has decried the underutilisation of aviation infrastructure in Nigeria majority of which according to him are significantly under-utilised.
He urged Nigeria to emulate countries such as Ethiopia, United Arab Emirates and Brazil that have put their aviation industries in the front burner.
He said this while presenting a paper titled, “Global Update Discussions : “Putting the Nigerian Aviation Market in Context” at “Aviation Executives Business Forum” organised by the Federal Ministry of Aviation in Lagos.
He stated that strategies are being developed to strengthen the role of regulators in aviation with an increasing focus on safety and consumer protection.
The Federal Government, he said, should take a cue from those putting aviation in the forefront such as Brazil; which has increased focus and investment on aviation manufacturing capability; Dubai which increased government focus on aviation; and Ethiopia which increased focus on domestic aviation capability development.
He stated that aviation contributed $26.7 billion in 2013 to United Arab Emirates (UAE) Gross Domestic Product (GDP; $17 billion in 2013 which represents 37.5 per cent to Ethiopian’s GDP; and $31 billion in 2014 to Brazil’s GDP.
Gumel added that apart from that, domestic carriers in Ethiopia dominate the industry and that in terms of investment the government plans to invest $300 million airport expansion plan and fleet expansion
Dubai, he said, proposed to invest $7.8 billion on airport expansion plan, urging Nigeria to emulate these countries if it must take its right position in the continent.