ABU DHABI, Ideological fanaticism and extremism are among the bitterest enemies of Islam even though they pursue different, and even opposite approaches, said Abbas Shuman, deputy head of Al-Azhar Islamic institution today at the third annual Forum For Promoting Peace In Muslim Societies.

These approaches and intentions, however good they might appear, are working against this religion to suppress the enlightenment it promotes, and are no less dangerous than those who declare enmity to Islam, Shuman added.

"Being religiously zealous propagates ideas that damage, rather than serve Islam and its cause, all this because of isolationism and narrow-mindedness," he said, while calling upon all Muslim scholars to stand against these movements.

The scholar cited tolerance, moderation and patience as counter-extremist approaches that should go hand-in-hand with removing injustice, a main source of extremist ideology.

Shuman also criticised scholars who "pursue extremist approaches in preaching Islam and issuing fatwas, or religious rulings."

The third Forum For Promoting Peace In Muslim Societies was organised by the Abu Dhabi-based Muslim Council Of Elders, an independent international body established in 2014 to encourage dialogue and promote peace, tolerance and respect for others.

Source: Emirates News Agency