The Ulema Mashaikh Council Pakistan, a leading representative organisation of religious scholars in the country, issued a Fatwa on Tuesday in favour of immunisation drive especially polio eradication efforts in Pakistan. Chairman Ulema Mashaikh Council Pakistan, Allama Hussain Ahmed Saeedi, stated in a letter written to Director General Health Services Punjab Dr Zahid Pervaiz: “The Ulema Mashaikh Council Pakistan appreciates and endorses the announcement by the Prime Minister on making Pakistan a polio free country.”
In the written Fatwa sent to the DG Health Services Punjab, Allama Saeedi further stated: “After necessary consultations with scholars from all major sects both within the country and abroad, and in light of the information collected from health experts, we came round to the conclusion that all vaccines provided in Pakistan including polio are of the same quality and standard as in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE, Iran, Egypt and the rest of the world. The polio vaccine is Halal and does not contain any harmful ingredients. All parents must provide immunisation cover to their children especially polio drops.”
Allama Hussain Ahmed Saeedi had also held a meeting with the health officials and tabled his queries on vaccine supply, its distribution mechanism and the global progress on this front. The Fatwa urged every Pakistani especially religious figures to support and cooperate with the volunteers and staff working for the cause in realising the larger vision of making Pakistan polio free.
The Ulema Mashaikh Council Pakistan also offered to volunteer its services to the government efforts. Director General Health Services Punjab Dr Zahid Pervaiz welcomed the fatwa and expressed his gratitude to the Council.
He said Pakistan would be able to overcome all the complex challenges, polio being one of them, with integrated efforts of all stakeholders including religious figures.
Director EPI Dr Munir Ahmed applauded the council for the fatwa. He said migrant populations posed a challenge in Punjab and the Fatwa would be greatly helpful in addressing the problem in areas where the council is influential.