ABU DHABI, 20th June, 2016 (WAM) – The State Security Department of the Federal Supreme Court, today acquitted an Arab suspect from charges of promoting the terrorist organisation (Daesh).

It sentenced in absentia another accused Arab fugitive to 10 years, while two defendants, in their presence, were sentenced to three years in jail for their links with the terrorist organisation “Nusra Front”. The court also referred the accused identified as A.Y.J. to a counselling centre, where he will be subjected to control and prevented from travelling for a period of six months from the date of the judgment on the charges of terror.

In another case, the court heard witnesses in the case of defendants identified as G.A.K., and H.A.D, a fugitive. The first defendant, G.A.K, faces the charge of committing a hostile act against a sisterly state by insulting its symbols and policies, and disseminating abusive information and images, with the aim to incite acts of violence that would harm the reputation and prestige of the state and its institutions. He was also accused of co-operation with the disbanded “secret organisation.”

The second defendant H.A.D., who is a fugitive, faces charges of organising protests and demonstrations against the state in front of embassies and consulates abroad in order to discredit the state and its reputation. He broadcast false and malicious rumours, as well as appalling propaganda, with an intention to incite sedition and harm national unity and social peace. The defendant also broadcast data and false rumours with a view to damage the reputation of the state, its dignity and its institutions.

The court set the next hearing for September 26 to hear the pleading of the public prosecutor.

It also heard a number of cases in the presence of the UAE media representatives.