DUBAI, Several female students from Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation, AMAF, attended the UAE Adventurers Camp in line with the foundation's mission to equip the minors under its care with important life skills, such as self-realisation, teamwork, mutual respect and problem-solving.

Bringing together female students of universities from the GCC region, the three-day camp included a Future Leaders Programme workshop. The participants learnt to build positive relationships, innovate, adapt to different circumstances, collaborate within groups and work under pressure.

In addition, the agenda comprised a series of awareness seminars focused on health, safety and environmental protection, as well as educational sessions, discussions and psychological counselling that taught the students to explore their capabilities and transform their creative ideas into reality.

This year's annual event, sponsored by British Petroleum, also featured various sports and leisure activities, such as rowing, climbing and cycling. The camp concluded with a cruise.

Ali Al Mutawa, Secretary-General of AMAF, said, "Equipping our youth � the leaders of tomorrow � with diverse life skills, such as competitiveness and leadership, is essential to shape a new generation that can drive innovation, build a knowledge-based economy and advance sustainable development."

Addressing the AMAF camp attendees, he added, "The skills and life experience that you acquire are as important as education. Your participation in this annual regional gathering of elite students of the region's universities is a testament to your quest for excellence, creativity and self-realisation, and your keenness to become valued members of society."

Al Mutawa highlighted the role of all parties supporting the recreational camp and other initiatives that promote social responsibility and empowerment of all social segments, especially youth.

Ghalia Ali Rashed, one of the participating students, said, "Activities such as the UAE Adventurers Camp are of great importance in advanced educational systems due to their holistic approach to personality building that transcends the academic aspect. I am happy about the new friendships I have made with distinguished students from universities in the UAE and other countries of the GCC region."

Another attendee, Rabia Mohammed Saif, added, "We have acquired new skills that complement our academic knowledge, honed our practical experience and gained a clearer perspective of the opportunities to contribute to our countries."

Source: Emirates News Agency