DUBAI, -- The Health Affairs, Labour and Social Welfare Committee held discussions during the Federal National Council, FNC, sixth meeting of the second ordinary session of the 16th legislative chapter on Wednesday. The meeting, which was presided over by Alia Al Jassim, Chairperson of the Committee, discussed amendments to provisions in Federal Law No. 10 of 2002 on practising the veterinary profession in the UAE.

Al Jassim said the Committee had previously met with representatives of the Emirates Equestrian Federation, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, Dubai Municipality, and the Sharjah City Municipality for their views and proposals, and that the Health Affairs, Labour and Social Welfare Committee along with representatives from the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment conferred the draft bill and amendments.

She stressed the Committee's keenness, which stems from the FNC's strategy, to invite specialists and representatives of various governmental and private institutions during these discussions to ensure that reports and recommendations entail effective and detailed information for development.

These amendments to Federal Law No. 10 are to enhance the protection and development of the livestock sector in accordance with best practices that meet with scientific and international standards, and are in the line with the overall UAE Vision 2021 strategy. Ms. Al Jassim further explained that the draft bill is primarily designed to update the provisions of the current law in line with current developments in the field of veterinary practice.

The meeting was attended by various representatives of the Health Affairs, Labour and Social Welfare Committee and the Ministry of Climate Change and the Environment.

Source: Emirates News Agency