RABAT, -- Ali Jassim, Member of the Federal National Council (FNC), Vice President of the International Parliamentary Union, representative of the Arab Group in the Executive Committee of the union, has won the Middle East Parliamentary Excellence Award for his great efforts in Arab and international parliamentary work as one of the oldest Arab parliamentarians, whose parliamentary career has lasted over two decades.

The Arab Parliamentary Union's decision to award Ali Jassim was taken on the sidelines of its 24th Union Conference, which took place at the headquarters of the Moroccan Parliament in Rabat, to honour the exceptional Arab parliamentarian and highlight his achievements while participating as a member of eight legislative chapters for the FNC, where he effectively contributed in the discussions of the council and its committees.

He also participated, through the Emirati Parliamentary Division, in the International Parliamentary Union over several years, where he effectively contributed to the work of its committees, institutions, and its executive committee, general assembly and ruling council.

"This honour is an appreciation of the UAE and the FNC, and all council members who made great efforts to achieve numerous national and Arab accomplishments," Jassim said.

"Awarding the Arab Parliamentary Excellence Award to a member of the FNC is an Arab recognition of the efforts of the FNC and its effective diplomacy in serving Arab causes, adding to what the country has already achieved, due to its prestigious stature and its effective contribution to various regional and international institutions and organisations," he added.

Jassim stressed, "This award represents an encouraging incentive to FNC members to offer their best, which highlights that the FNC's role is part of practicing its constitutional duties to achieve the vision of the wise leadership and the hopes of the people of the UAE, with the goal of presenting the best parliamentary performance to launch the council's role and offer the best services to Emirati citizens, according to the development strategies of the country and as part of the partnership and co-operation between the government and the council."

He further stressed that the council, through the Emirati Parliamentary Group, has a major role in GCC, Arab, Islamic and international parliamentary events, which strengthens its role in supporting the country's political stance, and its ties and communication with the peoples and parliaments of the world.

Source: Emirates News Agency