ABU DHABI -- AED97 billion is the total market value of shares owned by foreign investors on UAE stock markets in May 2019, accounting for a 12.8 percent of the total value of equities traded during the same period, which is estimated AED756.5 billion.

As per latest market statistics, stocks owned by UAE nationals amounted to AED659.5 billon traded by 111 UAE national companies listed on Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, ADX, and Dubai Financial Market, DFM, with the latter having AED54.5 billion thereof and the former AED42.5 billion.

Equities held by non-Arabs hit around AED65.94 billion in ADX and DFM, AED36.3 billion of which in DFM and AED29.66 in ADX.

Shares owned by Arabs stood at AED6.7billion on both markets, AED4.5 billion in DFM and AED2.2 billion in ADX, with stocks owned by GCC nationals on both markets put at AED24.3 billion, AED13.7 billion in DFM and AED10.6 billion in ADX.

Source: Emirates News Agency