MANAMA, 18th February, 2016 (WAM) — Bahrain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stressed that the Kingdom of Bahrain continues to attach the utmost importance to the advancement of individual rights and justice as part of its on-going programme of reform and development.

The statement says that sustained and substantial efforts to strengthen economic, security and democratic institutions have formed a key part of this process and made a significant contribution to ensuring citizens’ fundamental rights and freedoms are protected.

According to Bahrain News Agency, BNA, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also reaffirms that Bahrain’s judicial system is independent and impartial and that freedom of expression is a fundamental right within Bahrain, enshrined in the constitution and protected by law.

The statement went on to say that the Kingdom of Bahrain’s inclusive reforms have delivered wide-ranging human rights, criminal justice and socio-economic reforms since the events of 2011, and the Kingdom is committed to continuing on this path of progress and development.

The Kingdom continues to welcome its close collaboration with the United States and remains committed to further enhancing relations in order to promote shared interests and protect security and stability within the region and wider world.