MONTREAL, June 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — GAC Motor, as the only Chinese auto brand, has joined Michelin Movin’On, the global sustainable mobility summit in Montreal, Canada, which is held to open up a new ecosystem in the global auto industry that benefits both the planet and the economy. Yu Jun, president of GAC Motor, has given a key speech on the way of sustainable development of the global auto industry.

The Movin’On summit, themed “Let’s Reinvent Mobility”, featured a series of forums, roundtables, workshops, labs and a Ride & Drive program to promote sustainable mobility solutions. Distinguished participants included government of Quebec, European Commission, HSBC, IBM, UPS, Cisco, Toyota, General Motors, BMW and more.

Yu Jun, president of GAC Motor at the Movin'On summit

Yu, at the Movin’On summit, shared GAC Motor’s success in building a world-class auto brand through respecting the market and the company’s forward-looking strategies on developing sustainable mobility.

“We always have great respect and appreciation for this market, in the field of new energy, the best solution is not to prescribe one certain outcome, but to experiment and explore different pathways together and let the market make the final choice,” said Yu Jun.

Yu Jun, at the Movin'On summit, gave a speech on the way of sustainable development of the global auto industry

Though the transition period from conventional power to full electric power may be long, as Yu pointed out, GAC Motor’s own revolution in new energy vehicle sector is now in full swing with plans to introduce seven new energy vehicle models including both electric and hybrid plug-in designs to the market this year.

While structuring a sustainable development strategy to engineer trustworthy, environmental-friendly vehicles that excel in design, performance and reliability, GAC Motor has set a practical goal of achieving 1 million in sales volume by 2020, among which 20 percent will be new energy vehicles.

As the fastest growing Chinese automaker, GAC Motor has achieved 85 percent compound annual growth rate for six consecutive years. In the first five months of 2017, GAC Motor has already blown past previous records with 207,000 cars sold, marking a 62.2 percent year-on-year increase. The company’s boosting production capacity has rolled off 1 million cars in only six years since its first model was launched.

“We are not only looking at selling more cars, but also reinventing the way people travel. Centered on GAC Automotive Engineering Institute, our top-notch global R&D network has surprised the international market ceaselessly with trendsetting vehicles and technological breakthroughs,” said Yu.

The company is expanding a global automotive R&D network supported by the company’s technology center, top global suppliers and research institutes.

Vincent Rousset-Rouviere, president, and Gerard de Fleurieu, vice president of passenger car and light truck original equipment at Michelin, with Yu Jun and other staff from GAC Motor having a discussion at the Movin'On summit

GAC Motor has already established a presence in the Middle East by introducing its signature models including the GS8 and the GA8 as an initial stage of entering the global markets and is adding more distribution channels to top markets.

GAC Motor has signed strategic partnerships with the world’s top 10 auto suppliers, including Michelin, Aisin Seiki, Continental and Faurecia. By expanding its footprint along the Belt and Road Initiative countries as well as European and U.S markets, according to Yu, GAC Motor will create a high-end brand image to enter the global market as a world-class automaker that excels in research, manufacturing and sales.

The company now has established a global sales and service network covering 14 countries. It also launched its talent program to gather top talent in the fields of engineering and technology research and development, marketing and communications and management. After GAC’s establishment of its first North America R&D Center in Silicon Valley, GAC Motor is set to enter the US market no later than 2019.

“We believe safety, energy conservation, environmental-friendliness and comfort are consumers’ direct needs,” noted Yu, “By launching quality and premium models to global customers, GAC Motor will be creating a transportation ecosystem and promoting sustainable mobility of human beings.”

About GAC Motor

A subsidiary of GAC Group, GAC Motor develops and manufactures premium quality vehicles, engines, components and auto accessories, achieving a year-to-year growth rate of 96 percent in 2016, the highest among all Chinese brands in the corresponding period. GAC Motor now ranks the highest among all Chinese brands for four consecutive years and 5th among all global brands in J.D. Power Asia Pacific’s 2016 China Initial Quality Study.

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