RIYADH, 19th April, 2016 (WAM) — At the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council, GCC, a joint meeting of the GCC and the United States was held in Riyadh on the fight against extremism, the recruitment of terrorists, anti-terrorism discourse and the establishment of a network of specialised centres in this field.

According to the official Saudi News Agency, SPA, the Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs and Negotiations at the General Secretariat of the GCC, Dr. Abdulaziz Hamad Aluwaisheg, stressed the importance of the meeting in the fight against extremism, recruitment of terrorists, anti-extremism and terrorism rhetoric by reviewing the motives and drives of radicalisation and recruitment of terrorists, as well as initiatives of countries in combating extremism and terrorism, in addition to agreeing on the details of a plan to establish a network of specialists in the fight against extremism, recruitment of terrorists, anti-extremism and terrorism rhetoric.

He said that this comes in implementation of the agreement approved at a meeting of the working group of competent authorities in the fight against terrorism, which was held at the GCC General Secretariat headquarters in August 2015, one of the joint working groups that were established within the framework of the strategic partnership of cooperation between the United States and GCC countries.

Dr. Aluwaisheg said that during the meeting, participants exchanged views on anti-extremism and terrorism rhetoric, lessons learned from the experience, and expertise in this field, in addition to the issue of encouraging the community to take part in responding to the rhetoric of extremism and the appropriate mechanisms for community participation in these efforts to confront extremist rhetoric.

The meeting was attended by representatives from the GCC countries and the USA, as well as representatives of the Prince Mohammed bin Nayef Centre for Advice and Care and other specialised agencies in this field.