ABU DHABI, Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Jarwan, President of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace, has condemned the terrorist attack on Aden Airport, which took place shortly after a plane carrying the newly formed cabinet landed in the interim capital.

The attack resulted in dozens of deaths and injuries, but none of the new ministers was injured.

In a statement, Al Jarwan stressed that the Council, on behalf of its members and partners from around the world, condemns the terror attack that targeted Yemeni government officials, citizens and civilians, noting that it reflects the true image of the Houthi militia, who continue to threaten and undermine Yemen’s peace and development.

Al Jarwan pointed out that the Council always supports Yemen’s government and people, as well as its security, safety and stability, and it strongly condemns such attacks and bombings.

He also urged the international community, on behalf of the Council, to counter all entities that seek to destroy Yemeni people’s gains.


Source: Emirates News Agency