DUBAI, The Executive Team of the Global Innovation Index operating under the UAE National Agenda has held its seventh meeting at the Ministry of Economy's Dubai HQ to discuss efforts by federal and local governments, private sector and academic institutions to advance the ranking of the UAE in the Global Innovation Index, GII, for 2018, which will be released in June.

The UAE has improved its standing in the 2017 GII, topping all Arab countries and ranking 35th globally to climb six places from last year's 41st position cementing its status as one of the world's most innovative countries.

The team tackled two main pillars: a collection of required data for the index and development of policies and launch of initiatives that nurture the local innovative environment.

For the GII 2019, the team explored an ambitious initiative to improve the innovative landscape by drawing lessons from models in advanced nations.

According to the initiative, the UAE and these countries will share knowledge, expertise and information on innovative programmes and develop effective mechanisms to address shortcomings in the UAE innovation policy.

Source: Emirates News Agency