DUBAI,, a specialised platform that provides innovative digital solutions covering media sectors across the globe, has received more than 1,700 media people from different organisations across the GCC States since it was launched last January.

In addition, up to 1,000 media and marketing companies have registered with them, 67 percent of which are media corporations and 33 percent are marketing, advertising and media support service firms.

The web portal was launched by BASMA Media, a leading company specialising in media support services.

The UAE accounts for 63 percent of the data registered and compiled in the web portal, showing the considerable base of media, advertising and marketing agencies hosted by the country. The remainder of the GCC states are responsible for the other 37 percent.

"The UAE, Gulf and Arab media scene is a favourite of thousands of companies and organisations operating in a sector vital to the economy. As such, we are committed to [turning] into a premier digital platform that represents a reliable and authentic source of information for media people, professionals and all those interested in the marketing and media scene across the region," said Sheikh Sultan Bin Ahmed Al Qasimi, Chairman of BASMA Media.

He added, "the interactive involvement exhibited by our audience and by different media sectors has reflected the growing importance of having authentic and reliable sources of information that cater to the needs of the media, advertising and marketing services in the region. And today, we thank God Almighty that covers most of the media organisations in the GCC States. Work is underway to complete and integrate the information and data of private sector companies working in different media fields."

Chairman Sheikh Al Qasimi noted that has already started compiling media information about companies operating in Egypt, North Africa, Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine. It will soon target markets in the United States and Europe, as per the official expansion plan.

Nasser Al Sarami, CEO of BASMA Media, said that, being a high-end smart digital solution provider, "will tirelessly seek to attract different media organisations, companies and high-potential individuals working all over the world, while continuing to develop new digital solutions over the current year in a way that ensures our continued quest towards distinction and excellence."

Source: Emirates News Agency