ABU DHABI, Since the announcement of the coup by the Houthi militias against the fraternal people of Yemen, and the manner in which they usurped power with the help of external powers, and regional agendas of evil that sought to spread chaos in this country, the Saudi-led Arab Coalition, whose intent is to spread justice and uphold the legitimacy in Yemen, is keen to reach a political solution based on the United Nations, UN, resolutions, in particular Resolution No. 2216.

Despite numerous attempts by the Arab Coalition to support the political breakthrough in Yemen during a number rounds of negotiations held more than three years ago for a peaceful solution, the refusal of the Houthi rebels to vacate necessitated the need for military pressure to preserve the unity of the Yemeni territories.

The utmost self-restraint exercised by the Arab Coalition was manifested in the events in the Hodeidah Governorate, which has for long asked for the city and the port to be spared from military operations and the peaceful withdrawal of the Houthi militias, however, these calls have been ignored leading to the continuation of pressure, which began to bear fruit and was a crucial element in the agreement reached in Sweden, which was welcomed by the UAE.

While we look forward to a positive outcome of Sweden's ceasefire consultations in Hodeidah and its return to play an important role in serving the people of Yemen, the Arab Coalition remains committed to the political process sponsored by the UN to reach a comprehensive solution to the crisis as part of a specific political framework during the next round of negotiations announced by Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, in January to safeguard the stability and prosperity of Yemen.

The political breakthrough achieved during the meetings in Sweden will have a positive impact on the humanitarian situation in Yemen, in general.

Meanwhile, it should be noted that such a breakthrough would not have been possible without the presence of the Coalition forces in Hodeidah.

We appreciate the Arab coalition forces, the Saudi and Emirati Armed Forces, the Yemeni Army and Resistance Forces. We greet them with pride and hail their sacrifices in the battlefield where they defended Arab security with their lives.

Source: Emirates News Agency