ABU DHABI, 23rd October 2015 (WAM) — A local UAE newspaper on Friday described Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s comments that the Palestinian Grand Mufti, Haj Ameen Al Hussaini, told Adolf Hitler in the 1940s to burn the Jews, as “distortion” of facts and a “cheap attempt to shift focus from the plight of the Palestinians.”

“While his comments deserve to be criticised, the truth of the matter is that Netanyahu has effectively diverted attention away from Israeli transgressions, as his government continues to impose unprecedented restrictions on Palestinian access to Al Haram Al Sharif , the third holiest site in Islam. The current wave of violence between Palestinians and Israelis is simply a symptom of the overlying disease, which is Israeli occupation and the intended Judaisation of occupied Jerusalem,” the English-language daily The Gulf News said in an editorial comment.

In the comments he made Tuesday, Netanyahu “distorted historical facts” and “has reached desperate new lows by trying to blame the Holocaust on Palestinians”.

The “ludicrous accusation”, the Dubai-based paper noted, has been categorically refuted by historians worldwide and even Israeli historians have poured scorn on their leader’s comments, accusing him of “trying to minimise the Holocaust”.

The Gulf News said Netanyahu’s comments have ‘broken the internet’ as people rushed to ridicule Netanyahu’s outrageous claim.