A technical group affiliated with the Housing Ministry has been formed to follow up measures to build a new administrative capital.
The group is also in charge of five projects, whose memorandums of understanding were signed during the Egypt Economic Development Conference (EEDC), which was held in Sharm el Sheikh this week, said Housing Minister Moustafa Madbouli Wednesday 18/3/2015.
Implementation will start in three months, Madbouli noted. He referred to an agreement with a UAE company to build a joint stock company, whose job will be to expand the current outskirts of the capital to the east, adding an additional 105 kilometers, which is the first part of phase one of the new capital.
An international office will be tasked with the overall design of the administrative capital, Madbouli said, adding that this should be referred to the Egyptian side within three months after the joint stock company is established for ratification.
The technical group will convene on a daily basis to follow up implementation measures, the minister said. All legal measures should be finalized within a maximum of two months, Madbouli noted.
Building a new administrative city does not mean moving the current one outside the administrative borders of Cairo, Madbouli said, assuring that it will be a capital for all Egyptians.
Residential projects will be established for all segments of the Egyptian society, he said.
The area would be a new administrative center including government offices, diplomatic missions and housing as well as universities, a technology and innovation park, and 10,000 kilometers of roads.
Eventually the new capital would expand to 700 square kilometers in size, much of it green spaces, linking up with the Suez Canal zone.
Madbouli said his Ministry will be issuing licenses and permits needed to implement this mega project.
The UAE Company will outline a detailed plan of phase one that should be submitted within six months after the general plan has been finalized. Madbouli said.
The minister made it clear that lands of the first part of phase one will be developed in line with the general and funding plans to build the new capital.
Part one of phase one will help determine market values of other phases of the project, the minister said. The UAE Company will also be tasked with building a downtown and business center neighborhood within five to seven years.
Another task will be for the UAE Company to establish power plants needed for part one of phase one within seven years.
According to Madbouli, this project represents a “future Cairo” that Egyptians have long aspired. It will be a modern Cairo that will exist side by side with historic Cairo, he noted.
The minister rejected ideas to have this new capital established in the northern coast area or Upper Egypt, noting that all international examples in this regard have failed.
He cited Brazilia, Ankara and Abuja as examples. The new capital project will create jobs for some 350,000 Egyptians; 50,000 of whom will be working on site, Madbouli said.