RIYADH, An official source of the Coalition Supporting Legitimacy in Yemen reported that the Coalition navy today aborted an Iranian-Houthi attempt to attack a Saudi oil tanker in the Red Sea, with the attack resulting in minor damage of the tanker.

The Saudi Press Agency quoted Col. Turki Al-Malki, spokesman of the Coalition, as saying that:''at 13:30 on Tuesday, a Saudi oil tanker was subject to an Iranian-Houthi attack while sailing in the international waters, west of Al-Hodeida port, controlled by Iran-backed Houthi militias.'' The attempt was aborted following a speed intervention of a Coalition navy vessel, he said, adding that the offensive resulted in slight damage of the tanker which sailed northwards safely, escorted by a navy vessel.

Al-Malki said the terrorist attack constitutes a flagrant threat to the freedom of regional and international navigation in the Red Sea and Bab Al-Mandab Straight.

He added that the Iran-backed Houthi militias are using Al-Hodeida port as a platform for their terrorist operations, including trafficking of missiles and weapons.

The Coalition will continue taking all necessary measures and means to keep the security and stability of the region, and continuation of the freedom of regional and international navigation in the Red Sea and Bab-Al-Mandab Straight, as part of its commitment to make Yemen a safe and secure place, Al-Malki said.

He called on putting Al-Hodeida Port under international surveillance and control and preventing others from using it as a military base to launch attacks against navigation routes in the region.

Source: Emirates News Agency