DUBAI, Marking World Arabic Language Day, the Research Department at the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai, IACAD, announced the launch of the first book in its 'Happy Learning' series. The book takes a specialised route to teach the Arabic language, and is titled 'Practicing Arabic Language'.

'Practicing Arabic Language' was written by researcher Shorouq Mohammed Salman. Considered a qualitative leap in IACAD's publications in terms of design and style, the book reinforces the importance of Arabic language and showcases self-learning methods.

The book consists of four chapters, detailing different reading techniques, interactive exercises and games, as well as methods to enhance the readers' linguistic skills, and simplifies complex linguistic subjects.

According to IACAD, the objectives behind the book launch are to foster critical and creative thinking, enhance linguistic intelligence, improve the vocabulary of the readers, as well as to spark their curiosity. It also targets the entire family and encourages them to read together, the Department added.

Readers from the Arab community, as well as individuals interested in learning the Arabic language, are the primary reading demographic for the book. It is written simply and interestingly, bringing the reader closer to the Arabic language, IACAD noted, adding that the title will be distributed as a gift from the Department to readers seeking knowledge.

Source: Emirates News Agency