SHARJAH -- A course on the principles and techniques of architectural documentation of cultural heritage was launched on the premises of the ICCROM-ATHAR Regional Conservation Centre.

At least 13 professionals took part in this course, representing six Arab countries Egypt, Libya, Palestine, Syria, the UAE and Yemen. Organised in co-operation between ICCROM-ATHAR and the Sharjah Institute for Heritage, the course is the first of a five short-course series that besides documentation, will focus on the conservation of stone and mortar, structural conservation, management of historic sites, and the conservation of earthen architecture. This series of courses targeted Arab cultural heritage conservation professionals and aimed to improve the technical skills of professionals, as well as encourage co-operation in specific themes.

Participants at the one-week course practised skills of registration and documentation, using readily available traditional techniques, as well as high-end technologies, which would help them adapt to the working conditions in their home countries. The general aim of the course was to encourage and facilitate co-operation, and exchange of expertise between the representatives of the six Arab countries, and strengthen co-operation between organising entities and partners from the Arab region.

Source: Emirates News Agency